Welcome to MoolanBeauty, Nice to serve you!
Welcome to MoolanBeauty, Nice to serve you!
Welcome to MoolanBeauty, Nice to serve you!


How to choose the right eyeshadow

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Color: The first thing to consider is the mood and style you want to convey. Choosing an eyeshadow that suits your skin tone and hair colour will give you a more natural look. For example, if you have a lighter skin tone, choose a softer colour such as pale pink or beige; if you have a darker skin tone, choose a more vibrant colour such as orange or purple.

Texture: The texture of your eyeshadow is also a factor to consider. Powder eyeshadows are more common and suit most people. However, if you want a more moisturising texture, go for a liquid eyeshadow or an eyeshadow stick.

Longevity: Longevity is one of the most important factors in eyeshadow selection. If you want to keep your eyes looking beautiful throughout the day, it’s important to choose an eyeshadow that has good staying power. Also, you need to consider whether it comes off easily and whether it smudges easily.

Brand and price: Brand and price are also factors to consider when choosing an eyeshadow. Eyeshadows from big brands are usually more reliable but also more expensive. At the same time, some affordable brands of eyeshadow can offer great texture and colour.

Ultimately, choosing the right eyeshadow needs to be a combination of your preferences, skin tone and personal style. You can try some safer colours and textures first and then take your time to explore your own style.

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