Welcome to MoolanBeauty, Nice to serve you!
Welcome to MoolanBeauty, Nice to serve you!
Welcome to MoolanBeauty, Nice to serve you!


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What is OBM/ODM/OEM?

The manufacturers create their own product brands and produce and sell products with their own brands.

Under the ODM model, the manufacturer designs the product itself and then commissions other manufacturers to produce or modify it.

Brand producers are responsible for the design and development of their products, and then delegate specific production tasks to other manufacturers in the same category.

OEM vs ODM in the cosmetic industry

Control over the product

If you have specific formulations, packaging and branding, then OEM may be a better option for you. If you don't have any specific requirements, ODM may be a better choice.


OEM can help brand manufacturers reduce the time and cost of R&D and design, and focus on brand promotion and market expansion; while ODM requires manufacturers to invest more time and money in product development and market promotion.

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ODM requires the manufacturer to design out the product on their own, a process that requires more time to be invested. Therefore, the ODM model may be more costly in terms of time compared to the OEM model.


To summarize, if starting companies have already registered their brand trademarks and completed their product design and planning work, then they can choose the OEM model to reduce production costs and time costs. However, if the company wants to launch unique products in the market and is willing to invest more time and money in product development and design, then they can choose the ODM model.

How to work with us?

We have a team of experienced professionals, ISO and GMP certified, specializing in the production of high quality cosmetic products. Our services include product development, packaging design, production and quality control. We work closely with our customers to ensure that their specific requirements are met and to help them build their brand image.

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